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New date for Workplace Mediation Skills in Autumn

photo_of_hayley_at_desk_2We are delighted to announce that we will be holding our one-day course on 'Workplace Mediation Skills' again in the Autumn this year.   The event lets delegates find out how they can use mediation and conflict resolution skills to help them resolve disputes within their own workplace.  Hayley Bloodworth, Managing Partner of Proactive Employment Lawyers, describes the event:

"The day is about showing how mediation and conflict resolution skills can be used to make employment relationships work better.  It's about drilling down to find out what is really going on and helping people to work together more productively."

Recent research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has highlighted a shift towards the increased use of mediation by HR managers.  Increasingly, emploment processes are being used to help people to reach a consensus on the way forward; as opposed  to applying disciplinary sanctions for things that have gone wrong.

"Our skills days is not about turning delegates into mediators," Hayley explains.  "Rather it is about sharing with them tips, techniques and strategies that allow them to become better and more confident managers.  The key lies in helping managers to resolve conflicts early before they escalate into formal complaints or tribunal claims.  Through facilitated learning, we will explore how mediation and conflict resolution skills can be used to unlock differences and disputes and prevent workplace problems from escalating."

The event takes place at the Norwood House Hotel.  Places are stricly limited due to the interactive nature of the event.

Delegates who came to this course in May 2011 described it as "extremely interesting and thought-provoking" and "a very good seminar with just the right amount of content."  Anorther delegate told us that "Using the skills I learnt on the Workplace Mediation Skills course, I now have a better understanding of the problems my employees face and the team morale has improved greatly."

"There is some legal content," explains Hayley,"and this is provided to explain where mediation skills fit within the management tool kit and why resolving disputes can be much more cost-effective process than either going to tribunal or resorting to a compromise agreement. What we are going to do at the Workplace Medition Skills Day is to provide a space for shared learning, a dynamic exchange of tips and techniques to help managers get the best out of difficult situations at work.  It will help managers to have better conflict conversations with staff and to have those conversations with greater confidence."

Details of the event are available here.

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