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Next Short Course focuses on Sickness Absence Management

photo_of_hayley_at_desk_2Our next Short Course will tackle the subject of Sickness Absence Management, looking at recent cases and sharing with delegates tips and strategies for dealing with problem cases.  Hayley Bloodworth, Managing Partner of Proactive Employment Lawyers, describes the event:

One of the most common problems our clients face is how to manage sickness absence effectively.  It can be a subject which is difficult at both a human level and a technical level.

Our next Short Course, "Effective Sickness Absence Management", is going to provide a comprehensive update on the law relating to sickness absence.  It will explore with delegates the various options for dealing with sickness absences - from draftring contracts and policies, through to 'return to work' and termination meetings.

Over the past nine months, we have seen several imporant developments in the field:

  • A New Code of Practice on Reasonable Adjustments for Disabled Workers under the Equality Act 2010
  • New case law on when it is fair to dismiss an employee for a reason relating to ill-heath
  • New Government proposals on absence management;
  • Evidence of how the system of GP 'fit notes' is working;
  • New case law on the payment of holidays during periods of sickness.

Over two and a half hours, we will bring delegates up-to-speed as quickly as possible on the major employment cases affecting the management of sickness absence.  We will also discuss and share ideas on how to deal effectively with some of the more common problems which HR and line managers have to deal with.  There will also be a chance for delegates to discuss the specific issues affecting them and to find out how others are approaching these questions.

Delegates described last year's events as 'inspiring', 'enlightening', 'a really helpful summary of employment law', 'employment law in easy-to-undersand chunks', 'fantastic delivery of material' and 'a wonderful relaxed atmosphere'.  This year's lunch bites have been described by delegates as 'informative... excellent overview of current legislation', 'very informative as always, 'excellent', 'very interesting' and 'informative, concise and up-to-the-minute'.

Details of Effective Sickness Absence Management - Employment Law Update are available by clicking here.