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What We Do

Where there's a problem at work... we'll find the proactive solution.

We help employers to:

  • solve day-to-day problems with their employees
  • avoid employment tribunal claims
  • put in place contracts and systems which will protect and add value to the business
  • defend themselves against employment tribunal claims
  • find other ways of resolving workplace disputes, e.g. through negotiation, mediation and other methods of dispute resolution
  • manage projects involving the workforce, such as TUPE transfers, outsourcing, reorganisations and redundancy programmes

We also provide bespoke training for employers.  We train HR and line managers in employment law; and help them to become more confident and more effective at managing people.  We do this through open courses; through working together with other law firms and training partners; and through the provision of in-house training.

We help employees to:

  • deal with difficult situations at work
  • negotiate employment contracts and service agreements
  • negotiate severance terms
  • understand and finalise compromise agreements

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