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Who we are

clip_image002Hayley Bloodworth is the Managing Partner of Proactive Employment Lawyers.  Her background lies in civil court and commercial litigation.  She has specialised in employment law for 14 years and is known for cutting through complex issues and taking a pragmatic approach to the resolution of workplace problems.  She is an accredited mediator and a highly-experienced management trainer having designed and delivered training courses on employment law and people management to a wide range of organisations throughout the UK.  She has particular interests in the fields of leadership, performance management, mediation and the alignment of personal and corporate goals.  She is also experienced in helping clients to manage redundancy programmes, restructures and TUPE transfers.  Hayley is a member of the UK Employment Lawyers Association.

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clip_imagedavid_in_macduff002David Christie, a founding partner with the firm, sadly died after a short illness in November 2011.  David was an inspiration to us all.  We and our clients and friends all knew and personally experienced his beautiful mind, his incisive intelligence, innovative approach, intuition and sensitivity,  his unending kindness and generosity, his wit and charm; his sense of fun and most of all his genuine heartfelt care for others.  We hope that all these wonderful qualities that David showed without fail every day  are reflected in the spirit of Proactive and therefore that David's profound influence on why the firm exists, what we are here to do and the importance of integrity in the way that we do it, will always continue as we excitedly travel into a new and changing future.  The influence of David will help us to continue to help, inspire, motivate, guide, empower and care for others along the way.  Before he left us, David practised exclusively in employment law for the past ten years.  He had previously worked as a university law lecturer while completing a Masters in Employment Law and Practice.  He represented clients at employment tribunals throughout the UK and at the Employment Appeal Tribunal.  He trained as a mediator and was becoming increasingly involved in the mediation of workplace disputes.  He wrote frequently on employment law issues in the media and in specialist employment law publications.  He spoke at employment law conferences throughout the UK.  He was a co-author of Human Rights and the Digital Age (edited by Murray and Klang, 2005), which was the first international work to explore the relationship between human rights and information technology.  He had particular interests in the fields of conflict resolution, employee surveillance and occupational stress.  David frequently advised on redundancy processes and TUPE transfers.  He also designed and delivered training to HR and line managers on employment law and management issues.  He was a member of the Employment Law Group of the Law Society of Scotland and the Employment Lawyers Association.  



Deborah Innes is the Office Manager of the team at Proactive and is an integral and pivotal part in the firm's success.   Deborah is responsible for welcoming new clients into the firm, looking after our clients, making sure they have everything they need when they need it, arranging meetings and appointments and organising our events and courses.  If you are enquiring about our services or about an appontment or simply want to know more then Deborah will be able to help.

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Proactive is superbly assisted by a number of like-minded service providers, who share our values and commitment to excellence in service delivery.  These people work in the fields of:

  • HR
  • Outplacement and Recruitment
  • Training and Coaching
  • Psychology
  • Investigation
  • Commercial Law
  • Business protection and Patent Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Performance Improvement
  • Pensions
  • Workplace and Employment Mediation

These people enable the firm to provide a holistic service to our clients across a range of different disciplines.

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